Vaadi Herbals Pvt Ltd Body Care Gift Pack (480gm)
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Pack of 4
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Gift your loved ones beautiful skin this Diwali! Vaadi's Body Care Gift Pack guarantees thorough natural pampering of the most delicate of skins; nourishing it and enhancing the natural beauty.
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Pack of 4
The skin is the largest organ in the human body and therefore, needs the most attention. In our everyday run, skin care is something we all tend to ignore. Result: A dull complexion with blemishes. The skin looks lifeless and this adds up to our worries. Its time to give your skin a refreshing change and your personality a glowing gift.What causes a dull complexion?Sun & Wind ExposureExcess Oil SecretionDrynessPigmentationAcne and ScarsUndernourishment due to Vitamin DeficiencyLack of Blood CirculationStressAll the above end up robbing off the shine and attraction off the skin leaving it parched and just another face in the crowd. Skin looks uncared for and brings us across as yet another commoner. A glowing clear skin exhibits health and maintenance. So how does is that flawless sun-kissed skin attained?What should be the steps to rejuvenation?Exfoliation: The lack-luster front on the skin is due to unattended dead cells. A mild face was should be used to remove dead cells. This helps in opening up clogged pores. Removal of excess oil is necessary as clogged pored are a perfect place for pimples to develop as oil or sebum traps dirt in the pores which further causes acne and skin irritation.Moisturizing: Keeping the skin deeply moisturized is important to maintain good health and texture as well as keeping dry patches, rashes and pigmentation away.Oiling: Oiling caters to the senses as well as the skin's nourishment. Give yourself a good massage and make the blood flow in direction of health.Sun Protection: Skin should be kept safe from sun exposure at all times. Whenever stepping out in the sun, a sun block is highly important as it will keep skin from aging prematurely and prevent tan, sun spots and pigmentation.The pack contains:Deep Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion with Sunflower ExtractThe perfect therapy to make & keep your body skin soft, supple & glowing. Sunflower is an excellent emollient, allowing the skin to keep moisturized by enhancing its water retention. Fig, on the other being a natural humectant, helps hydrate the skin by helping it absorb moisture ability. Together with their rich mineral content they make your body skin softer, smoother & healthy.Refreshing Lemon & Basil SoapThis vitamin-rich soap detoxifies, tones and brightens up your skin, while cleansing it. It rids the skin surface as well as pores of dirt, grime, excess oil and germs. It thus keeps your skin clean, while moisturizing and nourishing it.Enticing Lemongrass Scrub Soap with CharcoalA specially formulated soap to truly cleanse, detoxify and polish your skin. Anti-bacterial Lemongrass paired with activated Charcoal, draw impurities out of the skin; leaving it clean & healthy within. On the outside, the dead cells are scrubbed off; smoothing & adding glow!Tan Control sunscreen Lotion with Lilac Extract, SPF 30An all-season essential, this lotion provides your skin complete protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It effectively protects against tanning and sun-burn and even soothes the skin post-exposure. Its anti-oxidant components, Lavender & Lilac, counter the free radical damage to the skin cells, which is caused by over-exposure to the sun’s ultra-violet rays.Aromatherapy Body Oil with Lemongrass ExtractIncreases blood circulation & repairs dry & sun damaged skin. Strengthens bones & removes skin blemishes & dark skin patches. Aromatherapy oils reduce stress, headache, cold & cough.
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