NutriGlow Platinum and Gold Facial Kit 250g
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Gold and Platinum Facial Kit The Nutriglow Gold and Platinum Facial Kit is combo which purifies, brightens and polishes skin. Benefits of this facial kit providing beauty is well known in Ayurveda. This Scrub is designed to offer deep exfoliation of dead cell, embedded dirt and grime from skin. Gold Skin treatment, which provides thorough re-generation and nourishment to the skin. The pure gold content gives natural luster and youthful radiance to the skin. The facial helps in retaining moisture in the skin as well as increasing flexibility and smoothness. Nourishes the skin to give it that natural glow. It revitalises your face and instantly gives you that luminous and radiant complexion. Nutriglow Cosmetics manufactures products to enhance the face, body, and hair. A luxury facial kit as rare and brightening as Platinum. This Kit purifies, brightens and polishes skin. Platinum particles present in the facial detoxifies and leaves the skin youthful because after all real beauty is forever. Key Benefits- • Repairs the condition of acne & severe oily skin. • Helps in diminishing the bacteria, thus improving the acne & drying out the excessive oil • It deep cleanses, tones & nourishes the skin. • Makes the skin blemish free and glowing Contents Of Pack: Cleanser 60 g Scrub 60 g Gel 60 g Cream 60 g Pack 60 g Serum 10 ml Direction to Use: Step1: Cleanser:-Apply Cleanser on neck to face and massage in circular Movements for 3-5 minutes then wipe off with cotton. Step2: Scrub:-After Cleansing apply Scrub and massage for 5-8 minutes from neck to face in circular movements then rinse off with normal water. Step3: Gel (For Oily Skin ):-Apply Gel on neck to face and massage for 8-10 minutes in circular Movements, then clean with plain cold water. Step3: Cream (For Dry skin):- Apply Cream on neck to face and massage for 12-15 minutes in circular Movements, then clean with plain cold water. Step4: Pack:-Apply with massage, a thick layer of Pack on neck to face and let the pack rest till semi dry. After Semi dry remove the pack gently. Step5: Serum:-After removing the pack, apply Serum gently and leave.
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