The Man Company DIY- Face Care Deep Cleanse (facial kit)
The Man Company DIY- Face Care Deep Cleanse (facial kit)
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Pack of 5
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Key Features
Charcoal Cleansing Gel: Contains essential oils that are ideal cleansing agents and take good care of your skin
Coffee Face Scrub: Packed with arabica coffee extracts, this scrub instantly brightens your skin and fights damage caused by UV rays
Skin Brightening Cream: A cream that rebalances your overall skin tone. Enriched with tamarind, its a powerhouse of antioxidants and brightens your skin tone
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30 g
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Face Scrub
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Pack of 5
Activated charcoal, black pepper and bergamot essential oils come together to make an ideal cleansing agent with this cleansing gel. The cleansing gel keeps your skin exfoliated and moisturised while reducing stretch marks and improving your whole bodies skin health! Your skins new favourite wake-up call comes in the form of this Coffee Face Scrub thats packed with the goodness of arabica coffee extracts. It keeps your skin clean and rejuvenated after just one use. It can delay signs of early ageing. Your skin will feel moisturised and soft thanks to the Vitamin E and Aloe Vera that are packed in this scrub. Coffee is a natural exfoliant and it removes dead skin cells and stubborn blackheads without damaging your skin.The Defence Theory Skin Brightening Cream is an amazing system that can repair visible damage and create a clear and uniform complexion. The cream rebalances your overall skin tone and is enriched with Tamarind, a strong antioxidant. The peel off mask is an instant deep cleansing tool. With the help of activated charcoal, this mask removes blackheads, dirt and dead skin cells. Moringa and Gooseberry take the mask a notch higher with their power to fight overactive sebaceous glands and aging effects. With the goodness of natural ingredients like Shea butter and Vitamin E, this moisturizer-cum-body lotion for men offers a ton of benefits, including making the skin soft and supple, scar treatment and hydration.
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